Monetize your knowledge with a

premium learning community

The future of learning is multiplayer. Launch a membership community that grows together.


Activate your community

Rally your community around live coaching experiences, facilitate peer discussions, and reward your members for helping each other learn.

Activate your community
Consolidate your audience

Consolidate your audience and workflow

Livespot is the complete membership platform for all your community experiences. No more fragmented audience across multiple places and hours wasted on logistics.

Build lasting value together

Every live session recording, shared resource and discussion thread can be catalogued into a library curated by you and your community.

Build lasting value

Used by creators like you

Faraz Jaka

Professional Poker Player & Coach

Faraz built a five-figure membership business teaching poker strategy.

“Livespot has been a game changer for my poker coaching business. It allows me to scale my one-on-one sessions to a larger audience by providing both the infrastructure and interactive experience for me and my students.”

Justin Kan

Serial Entrepreneur & YouTuber

Justin built a five-figure membership business for start-up founders looking for mentorship & a peer group to support their journey.

"Livespot makes it super easy to engage with my fans. Love the ability to easily create a live classroom."

Alex Koh

Host of Family Investments on YouTube

Alex built a membership business where he teaches recreational investors how to build and maintain a growth portfolio.

The Stocksmen

Investor, Trader And Content Creator

The Stocksmen built a membership business teaching in depth stock and crypto trading with technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trade reviews and group sessions.

A win for you and your fans

You already have an audience who is eager to dive deep with like-minded peers. Now you can make recurring income from teaching what you love.


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